A Health Insurance policy always acts as an umbrella for medical coverage during times of medical need. Getting insured will provide you with the financial support needed for you to pay off heavy medical bills. Such policies may also have added advantages like tax rebates. Read on to learn more about health insurance policies and how to select the best policy for yourself and your family.

How to Get Affordable Mediclaim Insurance?
Many of us prefer to purchase a health insurance scheme to avoid financial risk and ensure medical care for the future. The insurance companies are trying to make sure that they bring innovative yet affordable plans to foster health and well-being of patients.

Why Mediclaim?

  • Mediclaim is the best solution that covers such a higher medical expenses.
  • Mediclaim policy covers the insured person for in-patient hospitalization expenses due to sickness / injury.
  • The premium paid is eligible for tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.
  • Also, you can avail the benefit of discount in premium for every claim free year of the policy.
  • Some of policies also offer cashless hospitalization service at all network hospitals.
  • You are not getting only health coverage, but also additional benefits are available on medical policy. You can also purchase cover for your spouse, dependent parents and dependent children’s.

Basically, mediclaim policies are costlier than other traditional insurance policies. This is the main reason people do not show the interest to purchase it. Unfortunately, this is not a final solution. Just consider, if you do not have adequate health cover and you need immediate medical service, surely, it will put more financial burden on you.

With a mediclaim, an individual or a family can lead a stress-free life and any inconveniencies related to health would be taken care by the Insurer. Secure your loved one's well being. Find out the best health insurance policy for your family.

In our opinion Mediclaim Policy is an Insurance coverage wherein any of your Health related hospitalisation bills can be claimed from the insurance company. There are two different ways to get your bills claimed either by cashless facility i.e your bills are directly paid to the hospital or you can pay your bills in the hospital and get an reimbursement after submission of the same to the insurance company.

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